Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sexy Eva Longoria in Stockings

Eva Longoria, originally uploaded by rickilevy69.

From what I hear Eva Longoria just made People's "Most Beautiful" list. Here's Eva in a backless dress and black thigh high stockings.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

More Tina Fey in Stockings and Garters

Tina Fey, originally uploaded by eros.reigns.

Ooo.. another hot shot of SNL babe Tina Fey showing off long legs in black thigh high nylon stockings and suspenders that show from under her pinstripe suit and what appears to be a rather short skirt foor the office. Tina Fey has helped to define the new Geek Chic - however it is still under debate as to whether geeks are cooler than before or whether the cool people are just borrowing fashion elements from nerd culture. Anyways, Tina Fey stars in the popular comedy sitcom 30 Rock and currently has the Number 1 movie Baby Mama, costarring Amy Poehler, her sidekick from SNL.

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Sexy Field Hockey Girl in Black Opaque Stockings

Cute, originally uploaded by Prim&Proper!.

Here's a very sexy picture of a blond stockings model in a super short skirt (they could be short-shorts - I can't tell from the photo) and black opaque stockings (thigh-highs). The model has her blouse tied in a knot to expose her midriff, her hair is tied back in little ponytail loops and she's wearing black heels (more clunky than elegant, but sexy none-the-less). A very hot stockings pic!

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Black Thigh High Stockings and Miniskirt

Great Legs and Blouse, originally uploaded by Prim&Proper!.

This blond model is wearing a loosly buttoned blouse with a short black skirt that leaves the lacy trim of her thigh high stockings exposed.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Black Nylon Stockings on Blond Model

IMG_0115Bp, originally uploaded by ed_rockford.

A nice shot of these black thigh high stockings showing right to the top. I like the models dress too with the hole cut in the side. Sexy!

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